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  1. Random questions about aging

    June 8, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    1. At what age do you have to stop shopping at Urban Outfitters? Because I want this.

    2. Did JC Penney get cooler or did I get old?


    3. Where do I find supportive flats that don’t look like they should be paired with mom jeans? Ballet flats aren’t cutting it anymore.

    4. How delicious is this wine? (That’s rhetorical.)

  2. Study abroad

    May 21, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    My friend Becky is a college professor and is traveling with her students to Seville this summer. She’s writing a blog and you should check it out. Even better, her students are required to write a blog for credit. They seem like an interesting group; I can’t help but see parallels to The Breakfast Club characters. See if you can match each of them up to their Brat Pack doppelganger. (Here’s a hint: One of them named their blog, “Mr. Pectacular”.)

    If you have some time (which you do because you’re reading this) check out their pages and leave a comment for them.

    Did you do a semester abroad?

  3. What to bring to a baptism

    May 18, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    Tomorrow our friends’ twins will be getting baptized. We’ll be going to the service and then other to the parents’ home afterward to celebrate. This will be my first baptismal celebration. Any tips on what I should bring? Normally I would bring a bottle of booze to a party, but that doesn’t work when the guests of honor are 10 months old. Maybe I could bring them those little airplane bottles of booze instead.

    That’s the trouble with babies: You don’t know if they’re vodka people or whiskey people yet.


    Who am I kidding, we’re all vodka people.


    (Sometimes I have more fun writing the tags for posts than writing the actual post.)

  4. Ways that I am crazy

    May 16, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    Since my last post was about healthy ways to deal with weight management, I decided I need to counteract that with a post about all of the batshit crazy thoughts that run through my head. It’s all about balance folks.

    Example #1: My neighbor posted the following warning on Facebook:

    The police are currently hunting 3 white male teenagers who have been prying open car doors in the neighborhood and stealing what’s inside. One of the white teenagers is 6’3″ tall, skinny and often wears a ball cap backwards. Another of the boys is 5’5″, very skinny and the third is 5’10″ tall and kind of hefty, about 200lbs.


    My first thought was, “I wonder how the police would describe me if I were a suspect? Hefty?” That is not a healthy initial thought.

    Crazy example #2:

    A female celebrity was on the Food Network, eating a cupcake. The Mister made a joke about about the fact that this actress had gained some weight. I immediately googled her to see if she weighs more than I do.

    Do you catch yourself being crazy? Or is the crazy too far gone for you to even notice anymore?



  5. Let’s get physical

    May 2, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    The Mister and I have had a fairly long engagement– he popped the question in July 2012 and we’re getting married in October 2013. I was able to get a head-start on wedding planning and I am completely up-to-speed on everything.

    Well, almost everything.

    According to, I am behind on working out, eating well, and sleeping enough.

    I really meant to get in great shape for my wedding, but then work got busy. And I got lazy. So with six months to go, it’s crunch time. So when my super-fit bridesmaid (and blogger friend) suggested that we buy a Livingsocial deal for a local barre studio, I had no excuse not to go.

    If you haven’t been to a barre studio before, I’ll give you a quick description. Barre integrates the workout methods of ballet, Pilates, and some yoga in an intense workout that promises long, lean, strong muscles. The workout uses small, precise movements that render you incapable of walking for a week. But it also gives you a great butt, so it’s all worth it.

    I got to class ten minutes early to check out the space and find a good spot in the back where I could hide. Sadly, the instructor placed me in the front row next to her, so that was a fail. The spot did give me a good view of the other clients filing in for class. Whenever I take a new workout class, I judge the participants as a way to determine how much pain I’m in for. Lots of older women in “World’s Best Grandma” tee shirts? Probably not going to deliver the results I want. Super ripped girls in booty shorts carrying massive bottles water? Probably going to make me pass out in the first ten minutes. So I was happy to see a good mix of fit people and a few senior citizens at Barre.

    WARNING: Those senior citizens were obviously decoys because I was ready to die 20 minutes in. I know I’m not in the best shape, but I have never had to sit down in a class before. And I had to sit down TWICE. (And in the front of the room. Ouch.) I can’t quite pinpoint what was so hard. Perhaps I was holding my breath. Perhaps I didn’t eat a quality breakfast. Or perhaps I am old and my body has given up on me and my feeble attempts at fitness.

    It’s been five days and my quads are still sore. I am hoping they will be back to normal in time for me to go back again. This time, I hope to only sit down once.

    Anyone else have experience with Barre?

  6. High Point, Low Point

    April 25, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    The high point of my day: As I was leaving work, I saw Air Force One taking off over Dallas.

    The low point: I’m pretty sure a hobo peed in my car vents.

    How was your day?

  7. Honeymooners

    April 24, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    When I first decided to start a blog, I talked to a few friends about what I was going to write about. My initial point of view was going to be kittens and hair products and reality tv and crafts and booze and boys. Some suggested that I narrow my focus so I decided to focus on crafts. Well, I have discovered that blogging about crafts requires a lot more time and effort than I currently have, which means that it takes me forever to post new stuff to the site.

    My adoring fan has requested that I post more often so I have decided to broaden my scope a bit. That’s not to say that I’m going to stop blogging about crafting, just that you can expect posts about other random topics too. If you don’t like it, then I suggest you send me a thoughtful haiku and I will reconsider.

    The Mister and I just did one of the most fun wedding tasks there is– we booked our honeymoon. We are lucky enough to have the freedom and means to go pretty much anywhere in the world. I am weird and reckless so I could have ended up in a Turkish prison if left to my own devices. Luckily the Mister is more sensible so we put together our list of requirements for any destination.

    1. It has to be somewhere that we couldn’t go for a long weekend. (Moi)

    2. It has to have guided tour options. (Mister)

    3. It has to be new for both of us. (Both)

    4. We should not need a hepatitis vaccine. (Mister, because I am reckless.)

    5. It should not remind us of any pivotal scenes from any of the Indiana Jones movies. (Again, the Mister. Buzzkill.)

    We narrowed it down to Scandinavia or Argentina. Scandinavia was the first choice but we’re getting married in October and apparently everything fun in northern Europe (tours, cruises, sunlight, warmth, etc.) stops in September. We talked about Argentina but we kept coming back to Scandinavia.

    This is where you pause to roll your eyes at the annoying first world blogger who waxes philosophic about the difficulties of choosing between two amazing destinations.

    Long story short, we decided that we’re grown-ups and that means that we get to go on a honeymoon three months before our wedding if we feel like it.

    Copenhagen, image from



  8. Stumbling into 2013

    January 15, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

    Are we too far into January for me to still say “Happy New Year”? I meant to hit the ground running with posts at the beginning of 2013, but I got strep and then I got a sinus infection and then I got better and then I got drunk so now it’s two weeks in and I’m hungover and finally posting again. Ta (hic) da.

    If you couldn’t tell by the late posts and admission of recent intoxication, I did not make any resolutions this year.  I’m not knocking those who do make resolutions, but for me it just results in feeling guilty about not being perfect. In fact, guilt is a pretty common feeling for me in most situations. I think it’s that special mix of being a type-A female from a Catholic home.

    With that in mind, I decided to do something good for myself and tackle that stupid guilt. Instead of a list of resolutions, I am giving myself permission to do the things that evoke that nasty feeling.

    1. I am allowed to spend $75 a month on craft supplies. I will not stand in the aisle of Hobby Lobby and agonize over a $2 package of pipe cleaners.

    2. I will bake even if there is no occasion to. Some days, you just need to make a pie. It is not a waste of time or flour.

    3.  I will speak up for what I want from wedding vendors. I said garden roses, dammit!

    4. Diet Dr Pepper is delicious and makes for a reasonable breakfast once in a while. Especially with homemade pie.

    What would your reverse-resolution be?

    On a fun note, the Mister and I are going to San Francisco this weekend so I will not be tackling any new crafts. I’ll be back next week to wow you with new uses for scrap yarn. I hope the excitement doesn’t keep you up all week.

  9. Feeling Lucky

    November 27, 2012 by Hobbylobbyist

    Holy turkey hangover people. I hope you all got a few days off from work to eat, shop, and relax. The Mister and I managed to leave the house for date night– sushi and Skyfall. We both loved the movie and at least one of us has a crush on Daniel Craig now. (If you need proof of the turkey hangover, I first wrote “Daniel Radcliffe” instead of Daniel Craig. To the best of my knowledge, Harry Potter was never a secret agent.)

    I’ll be back later this week to share some failed crafts with you but until then you can check out some fun giveaways on the interweb:

    Some of my favorite blogs have teamed up to host a choose-your-own-prize giveaway. My pick would be the Nikon camera so you don’t have to look at my iphone pictures anymore. Which prize will you pick?

    A Beautiful Mess offers up an awesome selection of prizes in one big giveaway every month. The November giveaway includes gift cards, jewelry, leg warmers and more. And I know you need some new leg warmers.

    Apartment Therapy hosts a new giveaway every Wednesday and the prizes are no joke. I have my eye on the Bancroft sofa from Dwellstudio. They have so many giveaways this time of year that I highly suggest signing up for their reminders so you don’t miss one. is hosting a diamond earring giveaway. Think how awesome it will be to wear these while you hook up with Judd Nelson in the storage closet during Saturday detention. Please please, let someone get that reference.

    Look Linger Love is giving away a border pillow cover from Caitlin Wilson Textiles. I seriously love Caitlin’s designs. They are gorgeous and so fresh and pillows are the easiest way to freshen up your living room look.

    Golden fleur pillow, from Caitlin Wilson Textiles


  10. Surviving the holidays with family

    November 20, 2012 by Hobbylobbyist

    Happy early Thanksgiving y’all! How are you spending the holiday weekend? I would rather remove my own appendix than travel during Thanksgiving week, so luckily the Mister has family in town that we will visit on Thursday. It’s also far less stressful to spend the holidays with someone else’s family than with your own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family… from a distance. But five days with your whole family in one house can be rough for anyone. With that in mind, I decided to share some of my tips for getting through family holidays. (If you were looking for a post about “The meaning of the season” or “What I’m thankful for,” this is probably not it.)

    1. Look great

    There is something about dressing well that lifts your whole mood. Whether it’s at the office, the opera, or Grandma’s house, you will feel better if you’re excited about your look. And that doesn’t mean wearing the boring shift dress that you always wear around family. You don’t have to go get a whole new outfit– just pick out something special that you love. That could be some great red heels or a sparkly headband. You could even just rock a bold lipstick or eye shadow. Don’t worry about overdressing. Let’s be honest– your mother won’t approve of anything you wear anyway.

    Not Grandma's Thanksgiving outfit


    *Warning: Some people think “dressing up” means “dressing like a hooker”. I’m all for mini skirts and push up bras, but not when you’re related to all the single men in the room.

    2. Find a partner-in-crime

    With people living far from their home towns and families splitting time between in-laws and divorced parents, I’m sure you have friends who have no where to go over the holidays. Why not drag them along so they can be part of your crazy family antics? One of two things will happen: You’ll be able to see your family through someone else’s eyes and you’ll realize they’re not that bad, or your family really IS that bad and now you have a witness.

    If you don’t have a friend who can tag along, look around the room and find a family member who is equally traumatized by the event. It could be your 14 year old cousin or your great aunt who only pretends to be asleep so  she doesn’t have to hold the ugly baby. You’ll get to bond with family AND make fun of the quirks that only relatives know about.

    3. Instigate

    [image source]

    I probably should have led with this one because it’s my favorite. Some may call me a firebrand (or more often a shitstarter) but the idea is the same. Perhaps Thanksgiving dinner is a great time to mention your little brother’s spring break tattoo. Or you can rearrange the place cards so that Grandpa sits next to Uncle Steve’s boyfriend Kyle. Not only will this be entertaining, you’ll also redirect attention away from yourself so you won’t have to explain why you’re still single/when you’re going to get a real job/why you never called that nice boy the rabbi introduced you to.

    That’s how you spell “regret”



    4. Wine.