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February, 2012

  1. Moving Makes Me Tired

    February 24, 2012 by Hobbylobbyist

    Tomorrow is our official move date and I’m already completely exhausted.

    Since we got the keys 48 hours ago,

    • Our new landlord incorrectly delivered an eviction notice to us instead of our neighbor;
    • We battled with our flatulent agent over whether or not a rental unit should have a working doorbell and a mailbox;
    • I’ve purchased 13 cans of paint and four sample pints; And
    • I’ve lined four of 19 (NINETEEN) drawers in our new bathroom.


    I should be showing you lots of pictures of our new place and all of mye laborate plans to fix it up but I’m tuckered out. I promise lots of photos to come. Until then, here is a video of a slow loris holding an umbrella. Be prepared for the best animal face ever around the 19 second mark.

    YouTube Preview Image


  2. Procrastination Station

    February 16, 2012 by Hobbylobbyist

    We’re less than a week from getting the keys to our new place and I had a partial meltdown today. Long story short, I found out that our new landlords won’t clean our unit before we move in. It’s a minor issue but I don’t deal well with change. Or with dirty refrigerators. The good news is that my freak out motivated (guilted?) the Mister into volunteering to do the lion’s share of the cleaning.

    I’ve packed as much as I can so I’ve turned my attention to a more creative pursuit. Namely, getting an address stamp. The Mister and I don’t send many letters but I can’t help myself. I’m a sucker for a good font. I’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites. Which ones do you like best?

    By Castle Calligraphy, $42. Artistic without being too feminine.

    By For Yoo, $21.95. I like the mix of fonts.

    By Loves to Create Stamps, $34.95. Fun mix of fonts and masculine enough for the Mister.

    By Loves to Create Stamps, $34.95. Casual script but still readable.

    By Loves to Create Stamps, $29.95. So fancy!

    By Filigree Press, $28. I love this, but is the zip code too frilly?

    The one below is probably my favorite. Can you guess why I’m hesitating from ordering from this vendor? First one to guess gets a pony.

    By Filigree Press, $25. Pretty font and yet...

    All stamps were found on Etsy.

  3. Moving and Other Romantic Stories

    February 13, 2012 by Hobbylobbyist

    Jasper, helping us pack

    As you can see by the picture, the Mister and I are getting ready to move. Sadly all of my craft supplies are packed up so I’ll have to play catch-up with my challenge in March once we’re settled in. The exciting part is that I will have my very own craft room in the new place. Well, craft/video game/guest room/Hobbylobbyist drank too much wine and is no emotional for no good reason and is going to sleep it off in the other room-room. But mostly a craft room.

    As we get closer to the move date, I’m trying to use things up and avoid buying any more. For example I told the Mister tonight that if we plan it right, we’ll run out of toilet paper at the perfect time. His suggestion? I should stop, um, “going #2″.

    First of all, gross.

    Second of all, he forgot that women use toilet paper all the time, not just after #2.

    And that, my dear readers, is my Valentine’s Day gift to you. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.