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Ways that I am crazy

May 16, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

Since my last post was about healthy ways to deal with weight management, I decided I need to counteract that with a post about all of the batshit crazy thoughts that run through my head. It’s all about balance folks.

Example #1: My neighbor posted the following warning on Facebook:

The police are currently hunting 3 white male teenagers who have been prying open car doors in the neighborhood and stealing what’s inside. One of the white teenagers is 6’3″ tall, skinny and often wears a ball cap backwards. Another of the boys is 5’5″, very skinny and the third is 5’10″ tall and kind of hefty, about 200lbs.


My first thought was, “I wonder how the police would describe me if I were a suspect? Hefty?” That is not a healthy initial thought.

Crazy example #2:

A female celebrity was on the Food Network, eating a cupcake. The Mister made a joke about about the fact that this actress had gained some weight. I immediately googled her to see if she weighs more than I do.

Do you catch yourself being crazy? Or is the crazy too far gone for you to even notice anymore?



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  1. betsy says:

    i’ve never been more offended than when a boy i was dating told me brittany spears was too skinny. never. i am angry just thinking about it.

    and my mom always makes me promise that i’ll give the tv news a flattering picture if she is ever a missing person.

    everybody’s crazy.

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