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What to bring to a baptism

May 18, 2013 by Hobbylobbyist

Tomorrow our friends’ twins will be getting baptized. We’ll be going to the service and then other to the parents’ home afterward to celebrate. This will be my first baptismal celebration. Any tips on what I should bring? Normally I would bring a bottle of booze to a party, but that doesn’t work when the guests of honor are 10 months old. Maybe I could bring them those little airplane bottles of booze instead.

That’s the trouble with babies: You don’t know if they’re vodka people or whiskey people yet.


Who am I kidding, we’re all vodka people.


(Sometimes I have more fun writing the tags for posts than writing the actual post.)

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  1. Allyn says:

    Awesome. Perhaps all you needed to bring was a bow-tied date willing to carry an adoring baby girl around for hours.

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